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Taoist Nutrition

If you want to live, you must eat wisely. But eating wisely may not prevent you from becoming sick. Something is missing from the grocery-bought, or common, regular foods. Yet if these inadequate, or "weak" foods can support our life, then "strong" foods must be able to strengthen and protect life. This kind of reasoning has driven Taoists to investigate herbs.

Herbs are plants, animals, and minerals that are ingested or applied externally to the human body to prevent and heal physical illnesses by adjusting the flow of vital energy and supplying the better materials for regeneration of body cells or tissues.

Herbs are really our forgotten foods. Because of their often disagreeable taste or smell and our lack of knowledge concerning their utilization, our forefathers eliminated them as food and later generations ignored them.
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How Do Herbs Work?

Herbs, like regular foods, work by adjusting the flow of vital energy in the entire body of the human being. This is accomplished by increasing the energy where it is too low and decreasing it where it is too high. When human beings absorb the properties of the herbs, they also absorb the vitality of the herbs.

One very important principle of Herbology is that herbs must be always used in a combination or recipe. "There is not one thing that is absolute"

Every individual is unique so there is no single solution to a particular symptom which will work with everyone. With the Personal Health Survey we will determinate your specific needs through a detailed assessment of your current physical, emotional and mental health.

In China's golden age, herbs were used as the primary method of preventing and healing all diseases. Herbs of all kinds were used to heal the vital organs and tissues of the body and preventing illnesses of all kinds. Pristine health was available for all people of this ancient society. Over the centuries the ancient, and always secret, methods of how to combine and use the herbs were lost. After 30 years of painstaking research of secret family manuscripts, Dr. Stephen T. Chang has reestablished this ancient knowledge. It is once again available to benefit the increasing number of those concerned with non-chemical prevention and healing. Technological advances allow that we may extract even greater purity and nutritional value. These fine powders possess greater capability for immediate absorption. All recommended Taoist Herbal formulas are described in The Great Tao and now on line at TaoHealingArts.com.

Health Consultation Services

  • Symptom analysis
  • Personal health survey
  • Diet appraisal
  • Life style appraisal
  • Herbal formula recommendation
  • Preventive health maintenance program
Personal Health Survey