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Taoist Practice on DVD by Karin Sorvik

Yao Yin with Karin Sorvik

Tao Yin
with Karin Sorvik

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Tao Yin

Tao Yin contains a set of Taoist Yoga exercises specifically designed to help the body become vital, flexible and strong. Simpler for beginners than Tai Chi, Tao Yin's focus on stregenthening the spine and the connective tissue between the joints has earned it a reputation as an effective form of physical therapy as well as a deep spiritual practice. Awaken the body's silent wisdom with these famously gentle and surprisingly profound moving meditations!

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"Karin's graceful stretches are the highest yoga in the way she moves your internal organs and opens up hidden pockets of energy you didn't know you had. Your breathing suddenly shifts, a big Aha! floods your soul. Clearly it's her natural destiny to teach Tao Yin, she's a reincarnate modern master."

Michael Winn - Senior Instructor and founder of Healing Tao University

I have kept up my practice as best as I can with my crazy schedule and always feel very energized after I am done. The psoas muscle exercises have really worked wonders in learning how to correctly execute kicks and parrys I have applied some of those chi circulation practices with my Tai Chi and have felt more flow energetically. The full body breathing was probably been the most powerful tool that I brought away from the retreat. I can really feel my major routes vibrating when i do it at night before going to sleep. I am excited about and will continue to learn about Taoism as this is the first real practice with results I have truly felt. I will also be going to more Healing Tao events in the future.

Julia Johanan